The Keep Eco Residence in Salzburg
Stay for Good

Our mission is to keep the necessary and let go of the unnecessary. The result is a sustainable and truly unique residence that benefits our guests and the world around us, which is where “Stay for Good” comes from.

Furthermore, we offer an independent spin on the typical accomodation experience for all our travellers – instead of a traditional reception area, you’ll bypass the typical check-in/check-out processes and enjoy convenient keyless entry!

Along with our environmentally conscious attitude, our welcoming community allows guests to enjoy special events in the residence and keep their finger on the pulse of the happenings in Salzburg. If you believe travelling is more than just going on holiday, you’ll feel right at home at The Keep Eco Residence.

Keep philosophy

Keep Philosophy

In a world where an unfathomable amount of resources are wasted, we are doing our part in “keeping” the necessary and letting go of the unnecessary.

We know that “eco-friendly” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but at The Keep Eco Residence, we live by our philosophy of leaving a positive ecological footprint every single day and inspire guests to do the same.

Keep Living

Keep Living

On the first floor, you’ll step into the beating heart of The Keep Eco Residence: the common area called Keep Living.

In this communal meeting space, like-minded travellers and locals convene to share experiences they’ve had on their journey, learn about being aware and mindful of the environment, and have fun!

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

All materials and resources used to build our residence are either recycled, re-used or up-cycled. Stay at The Keep and do good for the world!

Keyless Entry

Bypass the typical check-in/check-out processes and enjoy easy and convenient keyless entry!

Vegan Kitchen

Austrian cuisine interpreted vegan. Varied buffet with 100% organic, regional and seasonal delicacies on sweet and hearty.

Inner City Living

Travel hassle free and have easy access to all amenities - Conveniently located between Salzburg’s magical Old Town and the Main train station.

How to Check in

A Sustainable Eco Residence in Salzburg

The Keep Eco Residence is the perfect combination of an environmentally conscious spirit, a welcoming community of travellers and locals, warm Austrian hospitality and down-to-earth, comfortable living.

By utilizing cradle-to-cradle design from top to bottom, all materials and resources are either reused, recycled, or upcycled so that it remains almost entirely waste-free.