Family Room with Sink


At The Keep Eco Residence, you’ll enjoy an authentic, ecologically minded Salzburgian experience.

In addition to the fun events and delicious Austrian pastries, our team has designed the rooms in a way that really make you feel like you’re staying in the beating heart of the city surrounded by the Alps and natural wood. Welcome to your second home.

Our residence offers guests the best of both worlds.

The warm and inviting community of a hostel and the comfort and privacy of a hotel. After a fun-filled day enjoying the company of other travellers, eating fresh Austrian cuisine and attending events in the buzzing common living area, you’ll love heading back to the peace and tranquility of your private room for some rest.


Room Features

Our designers have purposefully combined cool hues with dashes of bright colours and soft lighting to create an eye-catching, modern design that mimics the relaxing ambiance of the nature in Austria and more specifically, Salzburg.

You’ll always enjoy good night’s rest no matter how long you’re staying thanks to the comfortable pillows, blankets, and mattresses. Because you’ll have your own private room, you’ll never have to worry about having enough room to stretch your legs and store your luggage and personal belongings.

Guests that stay in these rooms will enjoy maximum comfort as they will have their own private sink and toilet.

On every floor you will also find clean and well maintained communal bathrooms. 


A special feature you won’t get anywhere else in the residence is your own private balcony, perfect for hanging out in the sun and enjoying a meal in the fresh air.


Eco-conscious Room Design and Function

When you stay at The Keep Eco Residence in Salzburg, you “Stay for Good” – the good of the environment and all that live in it.

Staying true to our mission of promoting sustainability for the longevity and health of the planet, we have implemented cradle to cradle design from top to bottom. What does this mean? The aim of using the cradle to cradle model is to completely avoid waste.

All materials used in our eco residence are:
  • reused and upgraded
  • used in continuous cycles as the same product without losing its value and usefulness
  • upcycled to transform it into something that was even more useful than before
  • disposed of in any natural environment and decomposed into the soil, providing nutrients for small life forms without negatively affecting the natural environment

Almost all new materials purchased are done so under the principles of the cradle to cradle model.

This “regenerative” approach protects and enhances the health of the environment and all living beings in it.

It’s also the most economically sound way to operate the residence as we make the absolute most of our time and resources, which benefits all of our guests. We’re proud of the creativity and resourcefulness that went into the room construction and design.


Everything in the rooms, including furnishings and decorative items, are natural, upgraded from old materials, and/or reused from elsewhere.

Naturally, upcycled wood is a key part of the interior design.

The wood typically used to make furnishings is a slow-growing wood which takes a lot longer to manufacture and requires more labour. But we do things differently. The wood we use is a fast-growing, sustainable wood that is specifically used for construction purposes.

  • The bed frames are made of driftwood floating along the Saalach River
  • Recycled wooden fruit boxes have been transformed into shelves and clothing racks
  • The floors are made of old wooden boards have been revitalized and treated with natural products
  • The doors are made from refurbished wood but are designed to ensure they function like they’re brand new. We have even upholstered them on the inside with fabric to guarantee their soundproof quality.
  • Authentic tree trunks are added as ingenious design elements to truly reflect the natural beauty of Salzburg


When looking for decorative items and furnishings that enhance the room’s aesthetic quality, we did our shopping at local flea markets.

This special touch gives each room its own unique flair, but something they all share is a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Old materials and items have gotten a second chance at life. Offcuts of curtains found in luxury hotels are turned into durable curtains, which are extra fireproof and highly functional for darkening rooms and sun protection on those extra sunny days.

One of our employees even produces organic soaps and other natural products that will be available for guests to use and can also be purchased.

As you can see, we love breathing new life into the old and paying homage to nature into all aspects of The Keep, making it a truly eco-conscious space.

Showers and toilets

On the first, second and third floor you will find lockable toilets and showers for your privacy.


  • Hairdryer (available upon request)
  • Free Wi-fi
  • All-purpose soap/shower gel
  • All things needed for babies are available upon request
    • For example: Baby cot and stroller, baby toilet, hot water bottle, baby stool, baby bath, baby utensils and cutlery, high-seat

Babies and Infants (0-3y) are welcome and cost € 25,-/night. We offer baby beds and changing mats on request, as well as a high chair in the Keep Living.

Please be aware that every child requires by law to sleep in his/her own bed.


Join us for breakfast and start the day with our delicious breakfast in our THE KEEP LIVING lounge (starting from 7am) daily. Please note that breakfast is extra and not included in the room price.

Rate/Bed Options

You have the choice of getting a family room with 3 beds plus sink
OR 4 beds plus sink and balcony


  • Air conditioner
  • Hairdryer
  • Non-smoking room
  • Shampoo and soap
  • Wardrobe
  • Wireless connect



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