The Keep Garden Kitchen

Organic, regional, vegan, tasty.

Straight from our garden to your plate - THE KEEP GARDEN KITCHEN says it all: We offer our guests a wide range of freshly prepared dishes and delicious drinks. Quite a few of the ingredients come from our own THE KEEP city garden, where we plant various sorts of vegetables, herbs and fruits. We farm seasonal, and as soon as our plants and fruits are ripe, they end up in our kitchen.


we decided to not stick with a fixed menu: We combine fresh ingredients from our garden spontaneously and individually with the seasonal organic range of our regional partners. And that's what our guests enjoy most. Whenever they visit our restaurant, they experience a colourful culinary variety and choose high-quality and homemade dishes from our à la carte buffet. We offer traditional Austrian cuisine - new and fully vegan interpreted. Also, try our own invention SaBuTo, which is neither toast nor sandwich or burger, but kind of a baked sandwich. We offer homemade vegan cakes and desserts. You can order our vegan cakes for birthdays etc. or get them as take-away from our à la carte buffet.

Hungry? Then reserve your table at THE KEEP GARDEN KITCHEN or drop by spontaneously.

We value quality.

Therefore, we only use organic ingredients from our garden and products from selected regional partners (we try not to exceed a radius of 50 km). All ingredients have to fulfil the highest requirements in terms of origin and processing. We make sure that we use everything in the best possible waye. Our small but delicious à la carte buffet includes regional and seasonal dishes as well as a wide selection of homemade drinks.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free or raw? No problem!

We see different diets as part of our diverse society. And we see it as our mission to offer all our guests a selection of delicious dishes. We cook vegan, gluten-free and whole-grain dishes and use natural sugar substitutes.

Leave a positive footprint.

Our THE KEEP philosophy is all about acting sustainable and conserving resources - same for THE KEEP GARDEN KITCHEN: Following the cradle-to-cradle principle, we redesigned most of our restaurant equipment out of recycled materials. We aim towards a zero-waste policy - the only thing we want to throw away are stupid thoughts!